LightSpeed™ V10

An electro-optical communications system is used as an extension to a vehicular intercom system to provide 2-way voice and data communications throughout a convoy. May be used to maintain networked communications throughout the convoy while operating under radio silent or RF (Radio Frequency) denied (jammed) environments.

The optical system operates in the infrared range, compatible with night vision systems, and uses LED (not laser) based emitters in eye-safe wavelengths. Optical signals are relayed between vehicles, the system works on the move or while halted (eliminating the need for field wire intercom connections).

This novel optical communications technology is differentiated from traditional free space optics (FSO) on several fronts:

  • Throughput optimized for tactical communications
  • Low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)
  • System compatible with other LightSpeed equipment, such as R10, B20, G10, etc.
  • Anti-Glint/Anti-Glare optimization
  • Secure communication between vehicles at up to 1 mile with 1-2Mpbs speed
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