Wind Detection

Wind Detection

Optical Crosswind Ballistic Measurement
Torrey Pines Logic, Inc. is continuing to enhance patent pending technology of VENOM – true crosswind measurement system for long range shooting enthusiasts. VENOM stands for Velocity Extracted from scintillation via Optical Measurement. A weapon-mounted wind measurement device contains all the functions of laser rangefinder, ballistic computer and other sensors, including inclinometer, thermometer, barometer, etc.  VENOM connects to external devices such as Kestrel or PDAs. Range capability is 1800-2000m with accuracy of  measurement better than +-0.5mph.
VENOM takes all gun data into embedded ballistics computer, including:

• Sight Height • Bullet Diameter and Weight • Rifle Twist Rate

• Zero Range • Ballistic Coefficients • Muzzle Velocity

Target Engagement

1. Once in position, power VENOM ON

– System is in standby, waiting to engage

– Gun/ballistic parameters can be verified if desired

2. When ready to engage, press either the pressure switch on the butt-stock or

the ENGAGE button on the system

3. Target is lased and range and full value crosswind is computed – environmental

sensor data is acquired from internal sensors or external sensors (Kestrel)

4. Elevation and windage holds are displayed and can be seen without having to

break the cheek weld

5. Operator holds or dials to specified elevation and windage and engages the target

Range      Up to 2000m

Size      4.7” x 2.55” x 1.55”

(120 x 65 x 40 mm)

Weight      300 grams Power      3 AA batteries Mount      Picatinny rail

Target Engagement